The Best Marathons In Austin Texas

Running a marathon has many benefits that you might be considering for yourself. One of the main benefits of a marathon is that it is often going to a good cause. For instance, many marathons enable you to run to fight cancer or find a cure for some type of disease. There are also some marathons that are more locally-based and you can run to help out a local family in need. This is one of the main reasons to get involved in a marathon and to do your best when you are out there running or More

Best Tips For Running A Marathon

A marathon is a race that spans 26 miles according to standards established at the 1908 London Olympics. The origin of the word dates back to 490 BCE and the Greek Battle of Marathon. Following the Greek victory over the Persians, legend states that a man named Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens with news of the success and dropped dead from exhaustion after reaching his destination. The event is one of the oldest athletic endeavors featured in the Olympics and there More

Top Five Running Tips For Running Marathons

Marathons are a great way to push yourself to the mental and physical limit. There are also numerous health benefits associated with the preparation for running a marathon. The personal and external competition associated with such events also drive people to try their best. Knowing a few tips may help further enhance the experience.

1. It Must be the Shoes

Wearing the right shoes and socks are very important for marathon success. They provide the balance, support and stability that are integral aspects of marathon racing. The More

Texas Marathon Events

Marathon runners can’t get enough of the excitement when it comes to pushing your body to the ultimate limit, and finishing a marathon can really drive home that feeling of accomplishment. However, if you’re into your marathons and you’re looking for a proper challenge then consider taking on an event or two in Austin or anywhere else in Texas.

We all know Texas is not known for its cool weather and unless you were born and raised in the south you might find a marathon in Austin to be your greatest challenge yet. We’ve done the research and came up with a list of fantastic Texas marathons, and if you get quality internet through places like then chances are you may have already heard of a few of these.

1. Austin Marathon – Also known as they Livestrong Austin Marathon, runners will get an incredible tour of Texas as they travel along the Colorado River.

2. Beach to Bay Relay Marathon – Six teams run a 26.2 mile marathon in relay style.

3. Longest Causeway Run and Wellness Walk – This rare event gives participants the chance to travel along the longest bridge in Texas, the Queen Isabella Causeway.

4. White Rock Marathon – Combining the music of over 30 bands and the act of running, this is the feel good event of the year. You’ll feel good running and feel even better about being a part of something.

Where Can I Buy The Best Running Shoes

Nearly every department store or big box store will sell running shoes. They may not sell the best running shoes. The tennis shoes or sneakers sold in most places will last for a while. The product will server its intended purpose. The shoes are not necessarily intended for the true runner. The big box store product is intended for daily wear.

The best running shoes are found online and in sporting goods stores. The largest sporting good’s store chain, Dick’s, will be able to help a customer find shoes that will meet his or More

How Do I Run Faster For Marathons?

Each year, thousands of people across the country participate in marathons. Some participate in marathons to raise money for important causes. Others participate in marathons just for the thrill on. The goal that most marathon runners have in mind is to be able to run as fast as possible.

The first thing that a person should do is set realistic goals. Setting one’s goals too high will only lead to frustration. For example, if one More

Where Are The Best Marathons In Austin

Austin, Texas is home to a few marathons that most avid runners are well aware of. It’s no lie that Texas is a large state and just about every weekend there’s some sort of race going on throughout the state. For those that live within the Austin area, listed below are a few marathons that you may be interested in:

Livestrong Austin Marathon: This is one of the biggest races in all of Texas. This scenic run sprawls along the Town Lake and Colorado River area. This marathon is rather difficult because of More

How You Can Prepare For A Marathon

Marathons are a great test of stamina and athletic skill. As you finally get up the courage to participate in a marathon, you need to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.

First off, don-t sign up at the last minute. You should make the decision at least six months in advance and be prepared for a lot of strenuous exercise to prepare you for the race. Start out by running as long as you can, setting your current limit. Then try to raise that limit little by little each time you go out.Get more information here.

Second, More